PM lays foundation stone of various uplift projects in Chitral

CHITRAL: Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif arrived here Wednesday to lay the foundation stones of different welfare and uplift projects besides inspecting the gigantic Lowari Tunnel project being constructed with a financial assistance of the Federal Government.
Addressing a public gathering in Chitral, the Prime Minister also announced a number of new projects, including the establishment of a university for the uplift of the youth of the region.
“I will personally supervise the construction of the university in Chistral,” he said.
Extension and repair of Boni Bozand Kor Road, to be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 1.108 billion, is among the uplift projects of PM laid the foundation stone.
Nawaz Sharif added that he had included a 250-bed hospital in Chitral in the Prime Minister Health Insurance program, saying the facility would be constructed soon.
He said all such projects would be completed by 2018.

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