Four of family shot dead in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: At least 4 of a family members were killed when a man shot dead his wife and her sister along with father and mother-in-law, on Saturday.
As per details, the incident took place in jurisdiction of Mandra police station when accused Shamsuddin went to the house of his estranged wife Tasmina for reconciliation.
This lead to a harsh exchange of words after which he shot dead his 23-year-old wife Tasmina, mother-in-law Khatoon Bibi, father-in-law Fazl-ur-Rehman, and sister-in-law Tayyaba.
After committing a crime accused Shamsuddin managed to escape and kidnapped the infant child of his sister-in-law.
Meanwhile, the bodies bodies of victims have been shifted to tehsil Headquarter hospital in Gujjar Khan.