Drug addictions in Pakistan

Maryam Khan

Drug addiction is a social evil which is damaging the roots of Pakistan from a time. Drugs addiction is harmful not only for the addicted but also has negative impact on the fabric of the society. A drug addict becomes a drug dependent. He cannot live without drugs.
In Pakistan, approximately 6.4 million people are addicted of drugs. As we can say, one in every 27 persons in Pakistan is using drugs and from these 6.4 million people, nearly 25 per cent of the youth population is involved. Drugs addiction is a very serious problem and even if the addict is using prescribed drugs, the ill effects can be very harmful indeed.
As we compared with the other south Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal, Pakistan is the worst affected by drug throughout. Moreover, Pakistan is also a major exporter of heroin, approximately fifty tons of opium is illegally brought into Pakistan to produce heroin.
No doubt drugs have been used by mankind from the very beginning but only for medical purposes and in know a days, drugs are being abused by our young generation. The youth that takes to drugs are more likely to commit suicide because of the harmful effects of the drugs. The young boy or girl feel weak and become incapable of the least movement, if they are not provided with the doze of drug. As well as, the crime rate is also increasing because of drugs.
It is very difficult to control the drug circulation in the country because most of the drug dealers have the political influence, directly or indirectly. But our fair government has to take serious steps against these people who sell drug.
De-addiction centers should be established by the government to provide medical treatment for the addicts. We must not forget that the drug addicts need our sympathy. Their case must be handled delicately because this is the only way to win their heart and put them on the right track.