HYDERABAD: A seminar to   eulogize services of noted scholar and researcher of Sindh Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch was held here Sunday under auspices of  Dr. N.A Baloch Institute of Heritage Research which was largely attended by scholars, intellectuals, universities professors, researchers,writers, journalists and govt officers related to culture department. The speakers paid rich tributes to Dr. N.A Baloch for his work on research,literature, history, Lok Warsa, education and on Shah Jo Risalo, the voluminous poetry of saint poet Shah Latif Bhitai. Addressing the seminar Ms. Sharmila Fruqui minister for culture and tourism paid tributes to Dr. Baloch adding that Indus valley has given birth  to such intellectuals, scholars who have not only illuminated the name of Sindh but also Pakistan in whole world. They have left behind such   treasures of knowledge which shall always remain alive through their books. She said Dr. Baloch was among them who dedicated his whole for Sindh. He has done research on every aspect of Sindh and gave us such treasure that we shall have to preserve for our next generations and coming centuries. She said to lose this treasure of literature will be great loss to us. She said he was unparallel in his research work on Sindhi language despite his services for other languages including English, Persian,Urdu, Siraeki and Balochi. She also said Dr. Baloch was an expert of dictionary as he compiled Sindhi to Sindhi, Sindhi to Urdu dictionaries and carried basic work on history of Sindh and on Shah Jo Risalo. She said his writings are light of beacon for us. She added that Dr. Baloch wrote 42 books and had he not done it heritage of Sindh would have suffered a huge loss. She said that she herself and culture department would feel honor to continuing the services towards research work of Dr. N A Baloch research institute and for that purpose she try to sanction one line budget for the institute.

Later on she inaugurated 7 books three of which were published by the Heritage Institute including  Risalo Pir Ghous  Kachh Waro,Makalat Dr. Baloch and Folklores of Sindh. Sheilds were given away among the literary figures including members of advisory committee of the Institute. These included Dr. Yakoob Mughal, Dr. Lashari, Dr. Abdul Ghafar Soomro, Dr, Sharif Baloch,Dr. Mansoor, Amema Baloch daughter of Dr. Baloch,Sarfaraz Rajar, Liaquat Shahani, Dr. Nawaz Ali Showk,Inayet Balolch, Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro and Arshad Baloch.

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