Maryam Khan

Bulling is a form of aggression which everyone has faced in their life once. It is used to hurt people physically or mentally. To both, one who bullied and the one who bully may have serious and long lasting problems. Research has found that most of the people specially children who belongs from lower socio economic backgrounds are more bullied then kids of higher class.

Most of the bullies used to bull people because they wanted to become dominant in society and to seek the attention or acceptance from peers. The bullies can be described as hot tampered and impulsive people of society.

U.S national centre for education statics suggested to kinds of bulling. One is direct and other is indirect. Direct bulling includes any physical contact that would hurt a person by hitting, kicking or punching him. Verbal bulling is very common know a days, it consists of name calling or making abusive remarks about one’s religion, gender, ethnicity or status. Spreading of rumours about someone because you thought its funny is one kind of verbal bulling.

Cyber bulling can be defined as bulling through social media, is becoming more common among teenagers day by day. It is done by sending personal information, pictures or abusive messages. According to American Psychological Association, approximately 40% to 80% of students in schools or colleges experience bulling. It has many harmful effects like depression, anxiety, extreme sensitivity, excessive stress, etc. Many of the young people died or committed suicide left behind evidence that they were bullied once.

Bulling should be reduced as soon as possible by enforcing anti bulling laws. Adult should know what is happening to their children and by encouraging positive peer relationships.

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