Alleged prom date rejection leads to fatal stabbing at Connecticut high school

MILFORD: Connecticut police have arrested a male teenager after a 16-year-old girl at Jonathan Law High School in Milford was fatally stabbed on Friday morning.

Witnesses told the New York Daily News that Maren Sanchez was stabbed by 16-year-old Chris Plaskon after she dumped him and rejected his junior prom invitation.

Plaskon allegedly threw Sanchez down the stairs and then stabbed her in the neck with a kitchen knife he’d brought from home. “She was screaming,” said a witness. “There were students in the hallway when it happened. The kids who saw it are all a wreck.”

The school’s prom was scheduled for tonight, but it will now be held at a later date.

Officer Jeffrey Nielsen called the incident “an isolated altercation that occurred between two students inside the school building.”

School has been dismissed for the day and it’s expected that Plaskon will be arraigned shortly, although it’s unclear what charges, if any, have been filed at this time.

Principal Fran Thompson sent a note home to parents:

“Our school will be open and counseling services will be available all weekend beginning this morning at 11:30 AM through 8 PM tonight. As well, we will have counselors and staff on hand throughout the entire weekend. Anyone — students, staff, alumni and community members are welcome to join us for support.

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