Ainak Wala Jinn’s Bil Batori ill, begging on streets

The cult classic Ainak Wala Jinn was the favourite TV show for most children born in the ’90s. Recently it was discovered that the iconic Bil Batori, played by the very talented Nusrat Ara was found begging on the streets of Lahore.

After a recent paralysis attack that affected her left leg, Nusrat Begum was rushed to Lahore’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where doctors discharged her with just a prescription. The actor waited for medical aid on the steps of the hospital but no one cared to help.

Originally a resident of Karachi, Nusrat relocated to Lahore about 30 years ago, hoping to further her acting career. Life took a turn for the worse once Ainak Wala Jinn ended, forcing her into unemployment and poverty. Decades later, Nusrat is still struggling. To make matters worse, she has developed depression and related mental disorders over the course of time.

She feels it’s cruel how the government has failed to take notice of her struggle over the last 25 years.

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