76 cops injured in clash with protestors of G20 summit

Hamburg: At least seventy-six police officers have been injured in clashes with protesters in Germany city of Hamburg, where a G20 summit starts shortly. German riot police clashed at times with thousands of protesters in Hamburg as world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, arrived in the city ahead of Friday G20 summit. Throughout the afternoon and night, police used water cannons as protesters threw bottles and smoke bombs during the anti-capitalist Welcome to Hell march, which began about 2 miles from where the summit will be held. Firecrackers and bottles were also thrown at riot police who attempted to disperse the crowd as police helicopters circled overhead. The clashes began after police ordered many protesters to remove their masks. At least 76 officers were hurt, including oner who had a serious eye injury after a firework went off nearby, Hamburg police said. It was unclear whether that figure included two officers whose sight was affected by someone pointing a laser at their helicopter. They did not give the number of injured protesters and bystanders, but said one person had been arrested for throwing a bottle. During the two-day meeting, happening in German Chancellor Angela Merkel birthplace, leaders are expected to discuss climate change, terrorism and migration.

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