30 cases of dengue reported at Chachro

Chachro: The toll of dengue cases from Chachro have reached the number of 30. THQ has no facility to diagnose the disease, vector control initiatives and preventive measures demanded by experts and civil society in a dialogue on, “Dengue, causes, symptoms and cure” held at Chachro press club organized by AWARE.
The outbreak of dengue in Chachro area is a threat to area and will affect larger population if vector control and preventive measures like health education and mosquito nets are not provided time, said Dr Mohammad Soomar Khoso expert in disease early warning and control.
This is confirmed by experts that dengue causing mosquitoes are native and found in Chachro area, so measures on war footing are required to control the situation otherwise it will be difficult to manage in Thar like area where terrain is difficult and communication means are very thin, Dr. Khoso added.
Dr Madan Lal Maheshwari Medical Superintendent THQ Chachro shared that due to unavailability of dengue analysis kits, we are unable to diagnose the disease. On basis of symptoms patients are referred to nearby cities.
Dr Abdul Aziz Kunbhar who played a main role in eradication of Ginny verm from Thar in 80s shared his experiences and emphasized that health department must mobilize other stakeholders to cope the situation otherwise there is high potential of spreading this disease in Thar then it will be difficult and more challenging for Govt to control it.

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