YPF invites participants of Int. Seminar on Kashmir in Jan 2017

By Nazir Siyal
A Young Parliamentarians’ Forum (YPF) of around 80 young elected members of National Assembly of Pakistan and the scholars of various countries will attend 2-Day “International Seminar on Kashmir issues” is being held on 5 – 6 January 2017.
The YPF International Seminar is being assisted and partnered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan (MoFA), presided over by the Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan and the guest speaker Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Syed Ali Shah Geelani. The aims to analyzing various dimensions of Kashmir dispute with a particular focus on the humanitarian aspect of Kashmir issue and look into the prospects of its resolution in the larger interest of the global security.
International Seminar is a part of a series of initiatives with 3 panels, comprising guest speakers/discussants belonging to the legislatures’ fraternity, civil society and proponents of human-rights will deliberate upon the theme topics.
YPF activities aimed at achieving the national goals relevance to the international community, it is sincere belief that given the present turmoil in the Sub-Continent and the conflict situation all over the world. Active and meaningful involvement of Parliamentarians, invoking the dictums of parliamentary diplomacy is essential for creating a harmonious and dialogue driven global society.
According to the YPF since ever the peaceful transition from one elected government to the other, the present Parliament has been actively engaged in fostering peace and stability in the region. However, peace can never be achieved without addressing the root causes, namely denial of fundamental rights of the people.
The Kashmir conflict has sadly remained unresolved for the last 69 years, denying the innocent Kashmiris their basic right of self determination as enunciated in numerous UN Security Council resolutions.
The recent unrest in Kashmir manifests its people’s long-standing desire to be the masters of their own destiny. The existing Parliament has had significant achievements on the domestic and external scenes, particularly, in the socio-economic sector for the uplifting of the common man and human and civil rights of the people of Pakistan. It remains our endeavor to continue making efforts through policy initiatives towards attaining the national objectives, especially that relate to humanitarian aspect.
Shaza Fatima Khawaja Secretary General Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF) and the Member, National Assembly of Pakistan has sent invitations to all National and International leaders’ participants.