Sidharth Malhotra proposes to PeeCee in new Valentine’s video

Talk about a heavenly pairing! Bollywood hottie Sidharth Malhotra can be seen proposing to international superstar Priyanka Chopra with a diamond ring, at an open terrace restaurant, in this video the latter uploaded on Valentine’s Day.

Priyanka posted the short video, promoting designer Nirav Modi’s jewellery collection, on her Instagram account.

“To all the future husbands, here are some proposal goals. Introducing ‘Say yes forever’ by Nirav Modi Jewels, with Sidharth Malhotra,” she said in the caption

The ad shows Sidharth waiting for Priyanka to turn up to the restaurant while he prepares to make a romantic proposal. When Priyanka enters, she expresses her disappointment in people for taking her for granted and tells him that now she won’t say yes to people but instead go with the word ‘no’ for the month.

Meanwhile, Sidharth silently gestures to the people who were waiting for the moment behind them, to cut it out while Priyanka is expressing her anger.

In that moment when Priyanka realises that he is hiding something in his pocket and it slowly dawns on her that he was about to propose.

The video ends with Sidharth making the big move and Priyanka slipping on the ring, hugging his character.

The duo has featured together in an ad for the first time.

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