SGA delegation meets Sindh agriculture minister

KARACHI: Sindh Growers Alliance (SGA) delegation led by SGA president Nawab Zubair Talpur & Gen Secretary Advocate Ali Palh met with minister agriculture Sohail Anwer Sial (secretary agriculture (Saeed Mangnejo was also present) at office of the Agriculture Minister 71 baracks Karachi today on 21 October 2016 at 11 am and discussed on fair just price of sugarcane in Sindh- SGA delegation demanded rupees 220 Rs per maund as just and fair price which grower in sindh really deserve.
Sugarcane is 18 months crop in which hari/peasant also have equal share and it also cast higher production cost. Also briefed the minister on high margin of profit sugar mills earn from sugarcane n their by products (molases etc) but reluctant to share with growers and haris. SGA also argued that Sindh’ sugarcane has higher sucrose content than Punjab and KPK but sugarcane rates being paid since last three years are lower in Sindh and Sindh’s record of previous ten years of high sugarcane price due to higher sugar recovery than Punjab and KPK is broken.
Other demands were arears of growers not being paid by mill owners, sugar amount not being spent on roads agri research, sugarcane premium issue, sugarcane varieties, subsidies for growers on agriculture units, implementation of laws and stern action against fake pesticide fertilizer and seed, shifting of market committees from cities to outside in newly built markets structures.
Sindh Growers Alliance in response to invitation and holding talks and promise to resolve growers issues by minister agriculture postponed its protest which was being done on 23 October at Hyderabad -Nawab Zubair Talpur announced it. Sindh Growers Alliance opposed de regulation of sugarcane price by Federal Government and appreciated Agri Minister policy of opposing it. SGA also appreciated the active engagement of Minister with growers and improved communication. SGA said it will extend full support to agri minister in formulation of agriculture policy communication strategy for ending shortage of water and mismanagement and building capacity of growers and welfare of peasants. Also appreciated crack down on fake pesticide fertilizer seed dealers/sellers. Finally Sindh Growers Alliance shown dissatisfaction disagreement and dissent on 182 rs per Maund of sugarcane for season 2016-2017.

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