SC acquits alleged person in murder case after 11 years

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Friday acquitted a man accused of murder after spending 11 long years behind the bars.
A three member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa heard the appeal of Muhammad Anaar against death sentence handed down by a trial court which was also upheld by Lahore High Court.
During the hearing, Justice Khosa remarked as to why action was not taken against those involved in false deposition. He remarked that the deposition of the witnesses in the case was unbelievable.
“How the witnesses living at a distance of two acres reached the crime scene by hearing the hue and cry,” he questioned. He said that the witnesses did not bothered to apprehend the accused even seeing him at the crime scene.
The judge remarked that a minor daughter of the victim was made a witness in the case and as per his deposition the accused after the murder milked the buffalo.
Justice Khosa further remarked that in such cases the accused spent his whole life behind the bars and unfortunately those involved in false deposition go scot-free. He remarked that despite such rubbishes the Lahore High Court did not dare to order releasing the accused.
He added that the trial court decision to commute the death sentence of the accused to life imprisonment was a clear injustice.
It is to be mentioned here that an FIR on charges of murder had been registered against the accused in Qadirbabd Police Station in Mandibahauddin District of Punjab. 02

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