Rishi Kapoor responds to Twinkle Khanna’s birthday wish

Twinkle Khanna and Rishi Kapoor are well known for their perpetual witty presence on social media, but sometimes things go a little out of hand. On September 4, it was Rishi Kapoor’s birthday.While Bollywood actors and celebs were showering heartfelt wishes on the veteran actor to celebrate his birthday, Twinkle Khanna thought it was an apt time to post another one of her ‘wisecracks’.

Former actress Twinkle Khanna, wife of superstar Akshay Kumar too, took to Twitter to wish the actor on his birthday. “Happy birthday @chintskap uncle ! May you get older, wiser and stop troubling Neetu aunty so much :),” wrote Mrsfunnybones Twinkle Khanna.

“Thank you. Neetu ko toh baad mein dekh loonga first you stop bullying me!” actor Rishi Kapoor replied to her.

We aren’t sure if Rishi Kapoor truly troubles his wife, however, on social media, while trying to appear witty the actor often crosses the line. Sometimes comparing Kim Kardashian’s figure to a sack of potatoes and other times writing stuff like this: “What if this became a reality the same way women flaunt their bosoms? How would you describe men’s statistics?” which ultimately makes him sound like everybody’s least favourite uncle after they’ve had a few.

Nevertheless, it looks like the two take each other in good humour. Previously when it was Twinkle Khanna’s birthday, the actor had tweeted, “Happy Birthday dear one! You were in your mum’s tummy when I was serenading her in Bobby”Aksar koi Ladka” In 1973 lol.”

While the world made a huge fuss about it, Twinkle Khanna found it ‘sweet’. “Why is everyone making a big fuss about @chintskap ‘s tweet wishing me a happy birthday. It was really sweet!” she wrote.

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