Preparations of next international trade convoy under progress: DG FWO

Impossible mission of CPEC activities nonstop for prosperous region now

By Sameer Nazir
Director General FWO Major General Mohammed Afzal has said that to connect Gwadar and other national arteries, they advised Sindh government to develop Malir Expressway from Karachi Industrial Port areas to Motorway and up country routes for prosper country.
He said the road communication play a vital role in the trade development, added that Malir expressway will connect heavy traffic of the port Industrial Areas including Korangi, Landhi, Steel Mills, Port Qasim and upcountry through Motorway ultimately to Gwadar International Sea port.
Frontier Works Organization in collaboration with Chinese and Pakistan government hatching conspiracies successfully paved way of trade activities in the region he said; added it was an impossible mission of road communication under CPEC, completed within stipulated time, while future railway networking and pipelines are also a gigantic task.
Director General FWO Major General Mohammed Afzal has emphasized on actual development of railway network and pipelines on western routes under CPEC objectives, as well equally connecting the existing railway lines of Central/eastern routes overall country for hundred percent achievements of the objectives he said. He said nation needs a breakthrough of Gwadar International Sea port for prosperous Pakistan.
DG FWO disclosed that the future next preparation of international trade convoy export in Gulf countries from China to Pakistan is under progress. CPEC proved a game change for Pakistan’s history and the people of Baluchistan would enjoy future development with immense trade opportunities via Gwadar Pakistan with other regional countries and it would create hundreds and thousands new jobs locally, while tourism activities would be increased so far.
DG Muhammed Afzal has said that the dream comes true, as it was an impossible mission to connect road communication in western route of hard hilly, far flung areas of KPK, Baluchistan and simultaneously FWO took initiative for operationalization of CPEC mega trade convoy, successfully completed task. He said the meetings made fruitful with Chinese Firm Sinotrans logistic, as well traders of Chinese and local businessmen/stakeholders after heavy struggle although overcome anti CPEC activities, we successfully carried out Chinese trade goods from Kashgar to Gwadar on Western Route, central route including existing railway network.
DG FWO has said it is now the beginning journey of prosperity of Pakistan’s future fast transforming into an international city Gwadar sea port, which will strengthen economic activities after development projects of Gwadar including Free Trade Zone, Business Complex of Gwadar Port Authority, Pak-China Government Primary School Faqir Colony, Sawar and Shadikor dams and Gwadar University. Gwadar would be a world class sea port and also important center for the region he said.

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