PM should tell nation how he accumulated so much wealth: Sirajul Haq

Staff Reporter
LAHORE: Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq has urged the Prime Minister to tell the nation as to how he accumulated so much wealth, adding that Qatari prince letters can not saved the rulers. Addressing a ceremony in Mansoora, Haq demanded of the apex court not only held accountable those involved in Panama Leaks but also gave a road map for future accountability. He said that despite abundant resources there is still abject poverty in the country. He added that the mills and factories of the rulers were flourishing but the public sector entities were running in huge losses. He added that the foreign policy of the government had failed. He wondered that the rulers instead of responding the charges in Panama case were producing Qatari letters in the apex court. The JI chief said that accountability of the ruler was necessary, adding that without accountability the country could not make progress. He demanded that the billion of dollars of Pakistanis stashed in Swiss bank should be brought back. He added that the poor accept supremacy of law but the elite did not. Regarding the Panama case, Haq said that there was a fight between masses and corrupt mafia in the SC. The JI chief also criticized the incumbent electoral system, adding that it heavily favors the elite and well-offs. He added that in Speaker’s election, JI had voted for Ayaz Sadiq not corruption. He added that did not believe in politics of coffins rather in politics of development.

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