Nisar calls Supreme Court’s report on Quetta carnage ‘one sided’

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Saturday, responded to growing criticism against him and said that the report on the inquiry into the attack on lawyers in Quetta was one sided and released without including the interior ministry’s narrative.

Nisar’s remarks come days after an inquiry report into an Aug 8 attack on lawyers in Quetta slammed Chaudhary Nisar and Federal Government’s inaction against militants. At least 70 people were killed and over 100 others wounded in a suicide bombing on Aug 8 at the emergency ward of Quetta’s Civil Hospital, where scores of people had gathered to mourn the death of Balochistan Bar Association (BBA) president Bilal Anwar Kasi in a gun attack earlier in the day.

He said that he offered to resign over the allegations made against him however Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif turn down his offer.

“I went to the prime minister and told him that i am ready to resign to set the record straight. PM said that it is unacceptable to him, which is why I am standing here in front of you today to tell you the other side of the story” Nisar said at a press conference in Islamabad.

He said that he has failed to understand how a report was created without the interior ministry’s narrative in it.

Nisar said that he will challenge this report at every forum including the Supreme Court and the Parliament and elaborate on the performance of his ministry with previous regimes.

A report of a judicial commission, comprising Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court, on the massacre criticised the interior minister for meeting with the heads of some banned groups to listen to their demands.

He also referred to a letter left outside the Punjab House for him, which included five questions. “I thought it was fake, because I do not live at Punjab House. Upon investigation, I found out the judge’s secretary had left that letter for me here.”

“The first question was why did you meet ASWJ. I replied saying I have never met them. They asked why were they given the permission to hold a public meeting. I said I did not give any such permission.”

“I answered the questions and it is all on record. However, the questions posed to me never mentioned the Quetta attack,” the interior minister said. “So when did I lie in my answers?”

“I understand those in the Supreme Court deserve honour. But those who go their to defend themselves are also worthy of respect,” Nisar added.

“I will ask the judge if this commission was about the Quetta incident or something else?” the minister added.

It is pertient to mention here that opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmakers have already demanded to remove interior minister from his post. On December 16, the PPP also submitted an adjournment motion against Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in the National Assembly Secretariat, claiming that the interior minister was incapable of playing a role in combating terrorism.

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