Muslim beauty blogger becomes brand ambassador for Cover Girl

CoverGirl is continuing to lead the way for representing diversity in the beauty industry by revealing Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia as their new brand ambassador.

Nura who is known for her make-up tutorials is different from other vloggers as she wears a hijab in all her videos.
“It feels so surreal,” Afia, who has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, said. “I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale.”

She further confessed that she was insecure about wearing a hijab, especially as she was growing up. But she dons it proudly now.

Nura Afia’s popular makeup channel has racked up over 200,000 subscribers who faithfully watch her share unique beauty hacks and creative ways to rock a hijab.

Nura’s candidness has made her a member of Cover Girl’s #LashEquality campaign, Glamour Magazine reported. The brand stresses on inclusivity within beauty and celebrates the launch of the brand’s ‘So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara’ which is designed to flatter every lash type.
Afia’s make-up skills will soon be on giant billboards in Times Square. Big league brands like Cover Girl continue to represent beauty in diversity and this is breaking the norms of general beauty standards in a fantastic way.

The group of brand ambassadors also include actor Sofia Vergara and singer Katy Perry.