MQM London and Pakistan drama is beyond understanding: Mustafa Kamal

KARACHI:  Chairman Pak Sar Zameen Party Mustafa Kamal has said that CM Sindh has taken away powers of 25 million people, adding that Water Board, Solid Waste Management including all local bodies institutions must be given to the mayor. Addressing the press conference in Pakistan House, Pak Sar Zameen party chairman Mustafa Kamal said that PSP will always stand with Kashmiri brothers. Former Mayor Karachi, over participation of people in the rally of January 29, said that the people of Karachi made him proud. He said that there is no contradiction in PSP action and statements, adding that there are several people including MQM including other parties, who are joining PSP. Mustafa Kamal said that MQM London and Pakistan drama is beyond understanding.

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