Legal battle begins between Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt after divorce

LAHORE: Pop singer Humaira Arshad has moved local court against her former husband and model Ahmed Butt over guardianship of her son, who is living with his father after the spouses got divorced.

While talking to media in court premises, both the celebrities slung mud over each other.

Ahmed Butt adopted stance before the session court that since Humaira was addicted to drugs she could not take due care of her son, Ali Muttaqin, therefore, he could not hand his son to her.

“Gambling den was discovered at the house of Humaira’s brother. I do not want to give such an environment to my child,” he told media.

On the other hand, Humaira said Butt was himself addict of a variety of drugs including cocaine. Earlier, the singer after their love marriage of 12 years ended up in divorce, had said her former husband sending her death threats. Their personal dispute made headlines three months back when they revealed it to public through media talk.

Later, they had restarted living together, however this ceasefire could not last longer.

Divorce in a family affects children the most, in Humera’s case future of their son, Ali Muttaqin, has been at stake. Humera had filed a divorce plea in court sometimes ago after she got fed-up of Butt’s regular demands for money. He wanted her money to be transferred on his name.

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