Foundation of 21st Century Maritime Silk Trade Route, a landmark in the hostory: DG FWO

By Nazir Siyal
Director General Frontier Works Organization (FWO) Major General Mohammed Afzal feliciated Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,  COAS Raheel Sharif, Ambassadors, Chief Minister Balochistan, Ministers, Ambassaders and others.
In a historic reception Ceremony of CPEC Pilot Trade Convoy he said, it is not only marks the culmination of over 3000 KM journey by the first ever mega trade convoy from Kashgar to Gwadar, but also the founding of 21st Century Maritime Silk Trade Route. This landmark development has set in stone the actualization of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and symbolizes the beginning of a new era of socio economic transformation of the region.
DG FWO wellcome the presence of the Ambassadors from regional countries to share proud moments of accomplishment has made it a memorable immensely.
Mohammed Afzal highlighted that China – Pakistan Economic Corridor is a classic manifestation of convergence of geo-economic interests of the two friendly countries under the overarching ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative. This initiative is in fact, the harbinger of much broader regional cooperation offering enormous opportunities that will stimulate marked socio economic growth, thus ensuing prosperity and a promising future for 3 billion people of the region.
Declaring it a Gateway to South West and Central Asia, Gwadar Port is the pivot of China Pak Economic Corridor. In the coming years, Gwadar is set to play a fundamental role in the economic prospects of 20 countries of Central Asia, South Asia and China by affording shortest and economically most viable route for transit and supply. 
He also lauded the leadership of Gen Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff, who entrusted the planning and execution of this visionary project to FW0 and core intent was visible operationalization of CPEC through orchestrating move of export goods from Kashgar to Gwadar and Karachi along various routes. Similarly Key objectives set forth to synergize the efforts of all stakeholders for expeditious operationalization of CPEC, initiating mechanism for facilitating projected transit trade structure, and to identify upgradation requirements in logistic infrastructure from futuristic perspective besides thwarting nefarious designs of inimical forces.
DG FWO said it was our dream comes true today that FWO did a gigantic task in the remote parts of KPK and Balochistan. FWO efforts with civil, Political Ieadership and others Played their key role in the CPEC development at all.
This pilot proj has been a water shed event, validating the viability of the Eco Corridor, and shall prove to be a catalyst for operationalization of CPEC. Last two weeks have witnessed the Chinese and Pakistani trade convoys travelling in unison through Gilgit – Baltistan and Kohistan Region, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa and interior Balochistan. This immense passage put into reality the essence of Pak China Friendship with Chinese and Pakistanis interacting and operating as a team and exemplifying the true spirit of this eternal relationship. 
He said it was made possible through a synchronized approach and enthusiastic support of stakeholders, I
gratitude to Embassy of China in Pakistan, our key co-partner SinoTrans, Ministry of Communication and NHA, FBR, Gwadar Port and Development Authorities, Pakistan Railways, our local partners; Agility Logistics, Capital Marketing Services and Mujadadi Group, and above all the Army formations and security forces that made immaculate arrangements for ensuring smooth flow of the convoy.
DG said, a successful launch of mega trade convoy manifests FWO’s unparalleled contributions towards development and rehabilitation of vital communication infrastructure, while construction of over 875 Kms of roads in Balochistan within a span of two years as against envisaged time period of 5 years to connect Gwadar Deep Sea Port with major trade routes was a formidable undertaking. Today, this extensive road network connects this strategic Port with Afghanistan, Iran and China.
On the occassion, Senior Economist and Advisor to Government China Yuan Jianmin has lauded the role of Pakistan’s premier organisation FWO achieving the first ever CPEC trade activity ultimately start in the region. He said Pakistan and China have made it possiblities in. Hindokash mountains and affirmed that struggle would be continued everlasting between both the countries for prosparily of our people. He said Pak Army succesfully made all possibilities in hard and difficult areas, so that our relation would go longer He told.
The leadig export Company Sinotrans Chinese reprantative congratulated all dignitaries of region as they realise the speciality to attend and support Economic trade a need of hour the hour. 
He said Chinese people would continue play their role of development in future CPEC opportunities in Gulf region.
Ultimately change the fate of any nation, similarly, more education and job opportunities are vital ahead he said.

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