Enemies of Pakistan benefited from Cyril’s baseless story: Ch. Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Thursday has said that enemies of Pakistan benefited off Cyril Almeida’s “baseless” news report as it aided their attempts of preparing a “charge sheet” against Pakistan to malign its name on international platforms.
He addressed a press conference in the federal capital on Thursday.
Not a single Pakistani should be added to the Exit Control List (ECL) without thorough investigations, the minister reiterated.
A high-level security meeting was convened on recently which agreed that an inquiry must be done as the news story served a blow to the national security, he said while talking about a news report published in an English daily last week that claimed of a confrontation between civil and military leadership.
It was pertinent that the “whistle-blower” must be identified, he stressed.
According to the journalist, all participants of the meeting contacted him and denied the report, he claimed.
Nisar said that the issue grew only because the journalist was adamant about what he had reported and stood by the story even when all the stakeholders informed him about their denial.
A committee has been formed to probe the report and the investigation would complete within three to four days, he announced.
While answering a question about Almeida s addition in ECL, the federal minister said that at around 05:00pm he got to know that the journalist was set to fly to Dubai at 09:00pm. When a meeting earlier that day decided to hold an inquiry of the report, it was pertinent that the central character of the issue, the journalist be stopped from leaving, he said.
However, the journalist was a free man in the country and could exercise all his rights as the restriction was until the probe completed, he cleared. He further said that name of the author would not have been on the ECL if he was not to fly abroad before completion of the inquiry.
Nisar said that India advantaged off the news story to further its anti-Pakistan propaganda in the world.

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