Civil society expresses concern over Provincial Archeology dept failures on Mohenjo Daro

LARKANA: Civil society has expressed concerned over its failures of Provincial Culture, Tourism and Archeology department over utilization of proper budget on Mohenjo Daro an ancient 5,000 years old Indus Valley of Sindh.
A day before Sindh Adabi Sangat (SAS) had observed protest demonstration before the Provincial Minister Culture, Tourism and Archeology department and expressed their concern over heavy budget utilization and resources lodging and boarding of hundreds delegates, likewise Sindh Cultural Festival by PPP Sindh government led by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in 2014 but no use of its resources. There is yet proper investigations over funds utilization and enquiry in a way civil society told.
Talking to this scribe Lakana District Historical Society (LDHS) President and Secretary S. M Yousuf and Mukhtiar Samo demanded of the involvement of local and proper stakeholders particularly LDHS, which should not only a photo session of activities since.
They articulated that authorities must affix the concerned professionals of depth knowledge in this regard, added that present Secretary is also a visionary can promote in better way but other the officials are unaware about world heritage Mohenjo daro.
He accused those authorities were involved in the theft of ancient articles and involve in the vandalism and neglect an International asset Mohen jo Daro. It is a good omen to invite international researchers and delegates, but it should be repeated properly follow up of activities and mean to work and preserve archaeological sites they said.
S. M Yousuf disclosed that these kinds of efforts were carried out by Begum Nusrat Bhutto and other leaders but question is what objectives achieved and why not Protection, Preservation Promotion and Development of World Heritage Site of Mohenjo Daro since.
They said these international conferences are much positive but it should be done properly with means and objectives and then follow up, adding that these kinds of International conference are the world frequently been arranged every year and highlights issues through national and international media.
Experts observed that modern methods of exploration and research may provide deeper insight into ascendency and decline of Indus valley civilization-hope archeologists. Observers have expressed their optimism that with the modern techniques of research, excavation and exploration in place, had made it possible that some new ideas might be forthcoming providing a deeper insight into the ascendency, decline and some other pertinent aspects that hitherto remained undiscovered or unexplored about the Indus valley civilization.
Archeologists of International Conference on Mohenjo Daro in a fist session were attended by renowned archeologists Dr. Cameron Petric (U.K), Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer (U.S.A), Dr. Marco Madella (Spain), Dr. Dennys Fren (Italy) and others.
While, the archeologist were of the view the modern research on Kot Deji archeological site had proved that its influence had been found to the archeological ruins and remains in Rajhistan (India) and other far flung areas.
Professor Dr. Nilofer Shaikh, former Vice Chancellor Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and currently working as chairperson, Center for the Documentation and Conservation of the heritage of Sindh of Endowment Fund, informed the participants that modern techniques of excavation had made it possible to undertake excavation up to 70 feet deep in any archeological site, resultantly, forthcoming of new aspects and ideas on the Indus Valley Civilization had become possible when excavation would be commissioned.

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