Bilawal Bhutto announces return of Zardari in Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday announced that former president Asif Ali Zardari will return to Pakistan on Dec 23.

Bilawal Bhutto was speaking to media, where he said that now his party has started to play the role of ‘real opposition’.

Over the subject of former president Zardari’s return, Bilawal said that Zardari will reach Karachi on Dec 23. “If Asif Zardari is with us, then with his capabilities we will make government approve our four demands,” he said.

He said that doctors have allowed Zardari to travel, adding that everyone is praying for Zardari’s health.

Bilawal alleged that PPP members are being forged into different cases. “Attempts are being made to weaken our movement,” he said.

“Either we are in jail or not, within three-day notice we can show what can happen to this city,” said Bilawal.

On Nov 20, former president Zardari said that he had not been in exile and would be back to Pakistan in a few weeks. He was talking to Hamid Mir in show ‘Capital Talk’ and responded to the host’s question about his entry back into Pakistan.

Zardari has been in Dubai since 2015 under ‘self-exile’. One of the possible reasons behind the former president’s decision could be a harsh speech he gave against the country’s military, accusing it of going overboard with its authority. Last year, Rangers along with the National Bureau of Accountability had arrested a close aide of Zardari, Dr Asim Hussain in relation with corruption cases and assistance of terrorists.

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