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Bahria fails to pay Rs 225bn of 7068 acres, owns unauthorized land: SC

By Nazir Siyal

KARACHI: Bahria Town Karachi has been failed to pay Rs 225bn now increases by mark up  Rs 315 bn and BTK owns unauthorized land and unsatisfactory said the Supreme Court in hearing.

During the proceedings, SC bench of 3 judges rejected Advocate of Bahria offered Rs 315bn for 16896 acres settlement for regularization of land. While, SC bench had decided in 2014 Rs. 225bn for 7068.

Supreme Court Bench has ordered DC Malir Karachi to control over land in Bahria Town in 2weeks, which sold by Bahria Town’s authorised dealer — Prism — selling that land, so that Prism CEO must be present in next hearing as well as
final reports from Federal & Sindh government, NAB before *ruling on it in the next hearing* .