Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum has said that after Manchhar lake water being polluted by poisonous drain water of left bank outfall drain the people of area specially fishermen of Manchhar have been suffering a lot due to result of which more than 20,000 fishermen have migrated to other areas and remaining 25000 were on verge of migration and asked government to save the one of biggest fresh water lakes of Asia as well the livelihood of thousands of fishermen. Addressing news conference here on Saturday Mustafa Mirani vice chairman of PFF said due to wrong policies of government the biggest lake of fresh water has turned into brackish water where since pollution no migratory bird lands nor grass grows. He said thousands of species of fish have died of poisonous water with thousands of fishermen families living life of misery. He said the fishermen community was struggling for restoratibon of lost glory of Manchher but federal and provincial governments have taken no notice of its destruction. He said government has spent as many as 57 billion rupees in name of rehabilitation of Manchhar but situation has not changed. He demanded divrting RBOD polluted water from Manchhar, fresh water from Indus river be released into Manchhar,action be taken against officers responsible for this mess,to take steps to protect environment and an authority for Manchhar be made.

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