First ever trade convoy open the venues of CPEC in Central Asia & EU: D.G FWO

FWO for long years is playing its vital role in the socio-economic development: DG M. Afzal

By Sameer Nazir
Director General (FWO) Major General Mohammed Afzal FWO has said that FWO synchronized trade activities with Chinese exporters and initiated first ever trade convoy will open venues of CPEC activities in Central Asia and European market.
DG-FWO said despite of great challenges and over 200 lives sacrificed, thousands injured in nation building projects, FWO is committed to carry out the idea of constructing strategic Pak- China international CPEC projects to connect motorway to Pakistan’s deep sea Gawadar Port and Arabian sea with utmost modesty.
He said FWO for long years is playing its vital role in the socio-economic development and nation building through its unmatched contribution to infrastructure development. CPEC will transfer of technology in building many mega-projects between both countries.
Frontier Works Organization (FWO) synchronized trade activities with Chinese exporters through a Chinese firm Sinotrans agreed Chinese goods under the framework overall 150 containers will be dispatched from Kashgar by end October 2016.
The officials disclosed that first ever trade convoy of Containers has been already dispatched via Kashgar-Gilgit to GWADAR from China at Sust. FWO & Sinotrans with the support of government security management and accommodation was a joint command centre established by FWO and Sinotrans. The sources said required additional input from Sinotrans by coordinating with local exporters through local logistic companies and Chambers of Commerce was made by FWO.
Regarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) development, first ever mega trade convoy launched to the projection of CPEC as a secure and financially viable trade route of Chinese goods via sea route of Gawadar in Central Asia.
FWO made operational the western route after launching of first mega trade convoy of containers for Gwadar during Sust at a ceremony, he added that FWO synchronized with Sinotrans successfully coordinated with Chinese exporter to initiate CPEC development and activities in the region.
Talking over the western rout of KP and Baluchistan provinces, he said it was a challenge through Panjgur and Turbat during construction of bridges, roads, tunnels, and dams with the support of civilians and provincial government.
These routes linking Pakistans Baluchistan and Frontier provinces with mighty mountainous ranges of Karakoram was about 870 KMs road completed amazingly by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO).
Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (M9), which was four lanes Super Highway, now converted into a 6 Lane will be completed in next year.
He said the motorway from Karachi to Gwadar linkage will further develop Pakistan with tremendous potential for commercial activities through CPEC and prosperity in the region, while the organization have changed overall situation after road infrastructure development and access of agriculture sector and restoration of normalcy to the lives of affected population due to backwardness and other law and order situation.

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