6 dead bodies recovered: A boat capsizes in River Indus near Mohen jo Daro

By Nazir Siyal
Around 10 drowned among 6 dead bodies recovered as boat capsize in River Indus near Mohen jo Daro at Balhreji a remote area village of Dokri Tehsil told eyewitness villagers on the spot.
According to villagers, overloaded boat carrying about 35 passengers on local boat from left bank to Right bank of River Indus, which turned turtle near Mohen jo Daro River Indus bank at village Balhreji and all the passengers and boat drowned on the spot, the villagers rescued around 25 of them, while others still missing.
Later, the rescue operations were carried out by the Larkana administration on Saturday, the Senior Provincial Minister Nisar Khuhro along with Deputy Commissioner reached the spot and started rescue operations and recovered another body of Sajad War of Khan Wahan village.
The dead bodies recovered were indentified belonging to Sobhodero, Muhabat Dero, Kandiaro and Khan Wahan among two brothers Sono Khan and Sajad War, Daim Niaz Sial, Daood Channa,Gulzar Channa, Hamid Ali and others.
The rescue operation was continued to recover remaining drowned bodies, those identified as Khalid Majeed, Amjad Jamal Hisbani, Ahmed Gulsher Channa and Shahnawaz.
It pertinent to mention here that remote Katcha areas of Khairpur district the village women and men every year attending festival of Pir Muhib Shah in a village near Mohenjo Daro village of Larkana district.
PPP leader Nisar Khuhro has said that they would continue their efforts and help with local administration for recovery of drowned bodies form River Indus and they have sympathies with those families on sad demise.
Deputy Commissioner, SSP Larkana and other authorities were on the spot for rescue operations to recover drowned bodies from River Indus.

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