Teachers Portests continues: Pechuho says MDGs are far away due to 40 thousand Ghost employees

Nazir Siyal
Povince wide ongoing protests by GASTA and Meharan Teachers Association against an influential Secretary Education in Sindh government, who also shocked over after and afraid that the department could not achieve the millennium Development Goal upto 2014-2015.
Mr. Fazullah Pechuho surprised over the ongoing protests of Teachers Association despite the reforms in education ad proper monitoring through Deputy Commissioners and ACs would be an impact on future education, otherwise they are away of the MDGs, that is responsibility of Sindh Education department to work on the lines he told.
Secretary Education further told that if the teachers are not ready to go already opened schools they are also Ghost teachers and that’s why he announced the numbers of 40 thousand ghost teachers in Sindh he said.
Talking to this scribe, Pehuho told that there is a need to proper amendments and reforms in the education department, which is mostly ignored by the allies political forces in presenet set up, he told. He advised Governor and other authorities to not interfere in provincial education system or National Education reforms he told.
Government Teachers and Meharan Teachers Associations in Sindh districts continued their protests against Secretary Education Sindh and condemned the act of enmity.
They have also claimed that their staff and officers are involve in Visa system, that’s why they are playing with the future of Sindh, but Secretary Education Sindh blamed Teachers Organizations and threatened them over his enemic policies in Sindh.
GASTA in different parts districts and towns of Sindh including Larkana, Sukkur, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Hyderabad and Karachi held protests demonstrations and hunger strikes they demanded of the proper rights of teacher’s quotta and promotions on M.Ed, B.Ed qualified serving for a long in the department.

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