Staged boat drama by India coming to an end: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Office (FO) Spokesperson Tasneem Aslam said in a statement on Friday that the boat drama staged by India has reached its climax.

Aslam was referring to the report in Indian media on February 18 which said that that DIG Indian Coast Guard B.K. Loshali admitted it was him who gave the orders to destroy the alleged Pakistani vessel and had informed Indian authorities about it the night of the incident.

The spokesperson went on to say that the FO had already clarified earlier that there was never any boat missing from Pakistan’s waters.

Speaking on the matter of the visit of India’s Foreign Secretary, she said that there has been no date set for the talks between the Foreign Secretaries of both countries. She added that all pertaining issues will be discussed during the talks.

Regarding neighbouring Afghanistan, Aslam said that Pakistan has always supported Afghan-owned reconciliation process.

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