Sharjeel Memon alleges PML leader for vengeful policies against Sindh

Sameer Nazir
KARACHI: Sindh Minister for information, archives and local government Sharjeel Innam Memon said that a resolution in condemnation to federal government over its decision for rejecting 11 development projects of pivotal importance for Sindh would be passed from Sindh assembly.
The attitude of federal government was beyond tolerance as the leadership of Pakistan Muslim league-Nawaz had after starting political victimization of Pakistan People’s leaders proved that the leadership of PMLN did not learn any lesson from past experiences. PMLN-led federal government had now been bent upon taking revenge from Sindh province and the people.
In a statement issued here on Sunday the Minister said that Sindh assembly would in next session of Sindh assembly pass a resolution in condemnation to federal government for rejecting pivotal development projects in annual fiscal budget-2014-15, biased and discriminatory treatment given to Sindh province, taking revenge of people of Sindh by excessive shedding of load.
Memon said that PMLN had also rejected water schemes for the people of Sindh, which was tantamount to open enmity with the people of Sindh. The recent acts of PMLN-led federal government were in fact a conspiracy that the party had hatched against it while PMLN leadership had also proved they did not learn from their past mistakes but they should not take PPP’s policy of reconciliation as weakness.
He said PPP had offered sacrifices more than any and would not allow the conspirators to succeed in their vested plans against democracy.
He advised PMLN leadership to stop victimizing the people of Sindh and stop politics of early 90s.

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