Let the people of Sindh Distinguish the genuine Facts and Figures

Such as Uncle of Home Minister Sindh Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan Siyal who has also served in Provincial Assembly of Sindh in 2008 while begged the sympathy in the name of late Bhutto Family caught red handed with young Teenager Girls along with bottles of liquor in Multan way back in July 2011 by the Punjab Police. In addition, must not set-aside the achievements of Home Minister Sindh’s brother Tarique Anwar Siyal who has simply a one-point agenda to protect the criminals while known to be the Don of the locality.

Let us make it very clear that it does not mean that the entire Siyal Family of Faridabad is bullshit. However, there are some very decent members available within the family as well however, it is disappointing to state that the mainstream political power has always remained in the hands of such hostile and ill-mannered individuals.

Obviously, there are immeasurable public services such political vindictive has delivered to the people of Larkana and the victims are still seeking-out some prerequisite justice. Being a Pakistani, I personally have a great regard for the entire Bhutto Family but on the other hand, I have no more sympathy for the current PPP. Currently, the entire PPP especially the Sindh province is being maliciously dictated by a Lady (FARYAL Talpur) who has nothing to do with the past Z.A. Bhutto’s PPP. People of Sindh have a firm believe regarding to the sacrifices made by the entire Bhutto Family and the current PPP Leadership has been taking advantage of the post Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination scenario.

The blackmailing of Zardari Factor and misleading statements made by the entire PPP in the name of late Bhutto’s does not only pursued within Sindh but has spread-out all over the world. As far as the legacy of late, Bhutto was concerned it had survived as long as he was alive. Besides, the present idiots of PPP has been successfully making the people of Sindh fool to all extents and deceiving the entire nation in the name of late Bhutto of Ghari Khuda Bux.

However, keeping in view yet another statement made by the Home Minister while talking to the media after visiting the Police Head-quarters that:

” To hire the Senior House Officers (SHOs) on merit and vowed to train the cadets with advance technology “.

Now the question arises that let us all see that what type of Honest and merit based S.H.O’s the Honorable Minister shall be able to deploy not within the entire Sindh but within his own constituency where his real brother Tarique Anwar Siyal has been motivated in terms of Home Minister of Sindh No: 2.

As a matter of fact the Larkana City is far beyond anticipations, the media just bother to and should pay a focus on the Police Station Bakrani a Tehsil adjacent to the Minister’s Native Village (Faridabad) that what kind of FINGER-PUPPETS Officer shall soon be engaged as a S.H.O or perhaps has already been activated.

May ALLAH profoundly keep his blessings upon Pakistan and save the entire nation from such Characterless and ill-mannered Politicians (MNA’S/MPA’S) who have so far nothing to do with the Public Interest, besides come in Politics to serve their own Bloody Personal Agenda and Interests.

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