Indo-Pak Mushaira organized in Dallas

DALLAS: Alnoor International hosted an Indo Pak Kavi Mushaira summailan to honor the famous Indo Pak poet Munawwar Raana in a local banquet hall in Irving Texas.

A prominent community leader and health Care magnet of North Texas Dr. Hassan Hashmi chaired the event. Indian diamond merchant and entrepreneur Sunder Mandir Mittal was the chief guest of the ceremony.

India’s famous poet Munawwar Raana, India’s UP province’s provincial minister and famous poet Dr. Suneel Jogi, world fame humor poet Khalid Irfan from New York, Khalid Khwaja, Arif Imam from Houston and Archana Pande from California recited their poems in the Kavi Mushaira.

Noor Amrohvi performed as the host and Master of Ceremony at the event. Local prominent poets of Dallas including Dr. Amer Sulaiman, Younus Aijaz, Saeed Qureshi, Shah Alam Siddiqui, Dr. Shamsa and other poets recited their poetry.

The famous humor poet and provincial minister of UP made the evening an event of laughter.

Presenting an amusing analysis of sociopolitical environment he questioned as we see woman are working in every walk of life but we don’t see them working as fire fighters, implying that they ignite the fire not extinguish it. He also criticized Indian politicians through his poem.

Khalid Irfan who came from New York also presented his humor poetry in his own style with special focus on Pakistani living in US which spread laughter in the audience.

He presented his poems to portray political and sociological environment of Pakistan and Pakistani politicians. He specially highlighted the corruption in politics and in public life.

Indian famous poet Munawwar Raana brought people on their feet, when he came to the podium and presented his poetry which has realism and common day issues. His famous poem Mohajir Naama hit the chords of people who had been through the partition of India in 1947 and splitting of families on both sides of the dividing line.

Chief Guest of the event Sunil Mittal while addressing the crowd appreciated the efforts of Noor Amrohvi for organizing the Kavi Mushaira summailan in Urdu Hindi for people of South Asia.

He said that despite obstacles he has continued his mission which is commendable. The health care tycoon Dr. Hassan Hashmi while presenting presidential address said that poetry brings people together.

He said that these mushairas bring communities closer and present a bridge to people of India and Pakistan.

He appreciated the efforts of Noor Amrohvi for a wonderful and constructive theme and thanked all the participants and poets for the high class of poetry.

Mushaira’s host Noor Amrohvi expressed his disappointments on support from Dallas community. He said that it appears that this will be his last Mushaira in Dallas due to lack of support. He said despite his lot of efforts, the participation is not at the expected levels, for which he is quite disappointed. He thanked all the sponsors of the event who supported this Urdu Hindi poetry session.

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