If Imran wants, JC issue can be resolved in 30 minutes: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has reservations over the use of two words for the formation of the judicial commission (JC), Finance Minister Ishaq Dar told reporters on Saturday.

In a news conference Dar provided details on the dialogue process between the government and PTI.

“If Khan sb sits and evaluates the situation calmly, the issue can be resolved in 30 minutes,” Dar said.

Dar said an email had been sent and received by the PTI in response to their letter over the formation of the JC.

The finance minister emphasised that the government was serious in forming the judicial commission and urged PTI to return to the assemblies.

Dar who heads the government’s negotiating team further said the formation of the judicial commission would be within the parameters of the law and constitution.

According to Dar the government was willing to introduce a new ordinance to resolve the issue.

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