Health benefits of organic food

While most fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that are great for your body, increased commercial demand means that farmers use a lot of fertilisers and pesticides to increase their yield. This is dangerous because they can have ill-effects and that’s why many people are switching to organic food. Here are some health benefits of organic food:

Helps you avoid problems caused due to growth hormones in foods

According to nutritionist Naini Setalvad, ‘Today growth hormones are injected in fruits, vegetables, pulses, poultry and meat to make them larger and plumper. Humans are consuming these products thereby eating these chemicals too. Research has documented and proven that these hormones and chemicals are what are causing the humongous (obesity) sizes in people today. The chemicals and the preservatives are the cause of psychological disorders, depression, mood swings, hyper activity and irritability that have now become a common phenomenon. Infertility in men, problems in conceiving, early puberty among children as young as eight is another by product of consuming such foods.’

It is richer in nutrients

Organic food has more nutrients, vitamins, mineral, etc. than mass-produced food. This is because the soil is more nourished, which in turn leads to better crops. This in turn leads to healthier produce packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s also richer in salicylic acid which is good for your health.

Higher in antioxidant capacity

Various studies have found that organic food is richer in antioxidants. This partly due to the fact the chemicals from pesticides are not interacting with the different vitamins, minerals and organic compounds which are good for you and helps prevent ailments.

Less pesticides means lesser complications

One of the major health benefits of organic food stems from the factthat it doesn’t have pesticides. Most pesticides contain chemicals like organophosphorous which has been connected to a number of developmental problems including ADHD and autism; so choosing organic food means that you will prevent your children from consuming toxins that are likely to be bad for them growing up.

No antibiotic resistance

One of the major problems in today’s world is antibiotic resistance which is building up due to doctors prescribing antibiotics even when it’s not needed. It also comes from the food we eats since livestock is also given antibiotics to avoid ailments and we might be consuming them which weakens our immune system’s response.

Better for the environment and animals

Without harmful chemicals being used, growing organic food means we’re reducing our carbon footprint which will mean that there will be minimal damage to soil, air and water. Also, even meat which is produced organically comes from animals which are treated fairly and grown with organic food principles – basically no artificial chemicals which in turn mean we are eating healthier.

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